Walt Disney World Trip Itinerary

March 29th Saturday – Departure!
 3:30PM  Chaperone Meeting
 4:00PM  Load Parade Equipment
                    (use rear storage bays)
 4:30PM  Seated in the Center Hill High School Band Hall
                   Uniform, hatbox (with gloves, shoes and socks)
                    at your seat in the band room
                    Roll Call, general meeting
                    Load buses, uniforms will lie flat in overhead
                    (do not place items on uniforms)
 5:30PM  Depart CHHS
                   Work on your school assignments
 8:45PM  Members of CHHS Winter Guard load after
                   M.I.A. Championship Finals performance
                   Sleep on bus (bring a light blanket and pillow)
                   Time forward one (1) hour, Eastern Time
                    (You may need to reboot your phone for local time zone)


March 30th Sunday – Magic Kingdom Day!
 7:00AM  Breakfast stop
                    Work on your school assignments
      10:00  Arrive Disney World’s Magic Kingdom
                     Full Group Photo on Main Street
                     (Before scattering to the park!)
                     Pick up meal tickets after the photo from
                     Mr. Jones at this time
                     Chaperone check group members at least 3 hours
         3:00  Take Transportation to the
                     All-Star Sports Resort
                     Get hotel room assignments in main lobby
                     (First person listed picks up Magic Bands)
                      Pick up luggage from the buses, go Clean Up
         6:00  (or earlier) Transportation to Magic Kingdom
       10:00  You don’t want to miss the Wishes Night
                      Time Spectacular fireworks show
                      Extended Magic Hours 10:00-12:00
                      (Park is open for Resort guests only – no lines!)
12:00AM  Transportation to the All-Star Sports Resort!
   1:00AM  Curfew (get sleep!)
                      FOLLOW ALL HOTEL RULES.
                      BE ONLY IN YOUR ASSIGNED ROOM.

March 31st Monday – Animal Kingdom Day!
        (Early Extra Magic Hours 8:-00-9:00 AM)
   THEN – Hollywood Studios (use Transportation)
        (Extra Magic Hours include 9:30-11:00PM)
 6:30AM  Breakfast – Main Resort Building, meal ticket
        7:00  Meet with Chaperone / group – Take
                    Transportation to Disney’s Animal Kingdom
   (8:00AM – Extra Magic Hour Opens)
         8:00  Go straight to the Safari first (Animals are fed
                      and are out in the open during the early hours)
                      Stay in your Park Groups
                     Once you’ve done all of the Animal Kingdom
                     activities and shows you would like to do,
                     take Transportation to Hollywood Studios
  Fantasmic! – All meet at the Fantasmic entrance at
                        7:00PM  for the 8:00PM show!
                     Resort guests enjoy Hollywood Studios
                     Extended Magic Hours from 9:30-11:30PM
                     Chaperone check group members at least 3 hours
  12:00AM  Curfew (get sleep!)

April 1st Tuesday –
   Epcot (Extra Magic Hours, 8:00AM-9:00AM)
   Magic Kingdom– PERFORMANCE!
        7:00AM Breakfast – Main Resort Bldg, use meal ticket
        8:00AM Roll call with your Chaperones
                           Disney Transportation to Epcot (Opens at 9:00)
                           Stay in your Park Groups
                           Chaperone check group members at least 3 hours
                           Take Monorail to the Magic Kingdom early afternoon!
         6:45PM  Meet the band – service gate located between
                            Splash Mountain and Adventureland
                            Change into uniform
                            Warm up, line up for Disney’s Main
                            Street Electrical Parade
            8:00      Lead Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade
                           The parade starts near the Main Entrance to
                           the Magic Kingdom, travels to the
                           Cinderella’s Castle loop then through
                           Frontierland, exits near Splash Mountain
                           Load equipment, Change to park clothes and
                           return to the Magic Kingdom
    12:30AM    Curfew (get sleep!)

April 2nd Wednesday – Epcot Day!
          6:30AM  Breakfast – Main Resort Building, meal ticket
                  7:30 Roll call and room check with your Chaperones
                             Leave after your room is cleared (Mr. Jones)
                  7:30 Load belongings on buses
                             (Bring clean up products / change of clothes for bus)
                   8:15 Disney Transportation to Disney’s Epcot
                              Stay in your Park Groups
                              Chaperone check each group member every three hours 
           9:00PM  Gather near the Canada exhibit in the
                              Epcot World Showcase for Illuminations-Reflections of Earth 
                10:00 Role call on charter buses,Epcot Parking Lot
                              (To exit Epcot, go left before the Monorail
                               station to the charter bus parking lot
                              Depart Disney (get sleep!)
                              Change time back one (1) hour to Central Time

                    April 3rd Thursday
           7:00AM Breakfast on the road
                              Work on your school assignments
                 11:00 Arrive – CHHS
   Go home and sleep!

Olive Branch Christmas Parade

The Olive Branch Christmas Parade will be held Saturday, December 7th.

This year’s parade will follow a different route due to the construction on Hwy 305. Click here for a map.

The band room will open at 11:00. Band students are to be in the CHHS band room by 12:00 for uniform and loading.

The parade begins at 2:00. The parade route goes from OBHS through Olde Towne then down Hwy 305 ending at OBHS.

Most parade watchers view the parade from the area around the intersection of Pigeon Roost Road and Hwy 305.

2013 Mississippi Marching Band Championships – Pearl, MS

Itinerary for State Championships, Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ticket prices are $10 for prelims or finals, $15 for both.

A map to Pearl High School can be found here.

6:45 a.m. Band Room opens
7:10 a.m. Load equipment and get uniform, hat box, shoes, black socks and gloves
7:35 a.m. Ready and at attention in the band room with gear
7:45 a.m. Load buses
8:00 a.m. DEPART CHHS
9:15 a.m. First prelim performance (Richton High School)
11:30 a.m. Arrive Pearl H.S. / band check in
Unload trailer
Lunch at trailer
12:45 p.m. Get equipment, uniforms, line up to move to warm up
1:30 p.m. WATER (chaperones will prepare), Move to Warm Up
1:45 p.m. Warm up begins
2:15 p.m. Move to Staging area
2:30 p.m. Center Hill PRELIMS PERFORMANCE
2:45 p.m. Drop equipment at trailer, change to bibbers and red Dri-fit shirt
Load buses for off-campus beak
(Liberty Baptist Church, 5199 Lakeland Drive, Flowood, MS)
5:15 p.m. Finalists announced
6:30 p.m. Finals Start (2A)
TBA Arrive at Pearl High School
Unload trailer, Get equipment & uniform
TBA Move to warm up
TBA Warm up begins
TBA Move to staging area
8:30 p.m. 5A Finals Start
TBA Performance time determined by preliminary score placement
Keep full uniform on after performance for retreat scoring ceremony
10:15 p.m. Scores – Full Band Retreat
11:00 p.m. To buses / load
Depart (no judge’s critique)
3:00 a.m. Arrive CHHS

For more scheduling information click here