M.H.S.A.A. Region II Marching Band Evaluation – Grenada High School

The itinerary for the MHSAA Regional Festival, October 12, 2013:

8:00 am Band Room opens
8:30 am Practice on the field
10:00 am Load equipment and dress in ½ uniform
Wear warm weather uniform under bibbers
with black socks / black shoes on.
10:30 am Ready and at attention in the band room
Have   uniform bag, jacket, gauntlets and hat (in box)
10:35 am Load buses
10:45 am DEPART CHHS
12:45 pm Arrive Grenada H.S. / band check in
Unload busses /trailer
Lunch at trailer
1:45 pm Get equipment, uniforms, line up to move to warm up
2:15 pm WATER, Move to Warm Up (chaperones will prepare)
2:30 pm Warm up begins
3:00 pm Move to Staging area
3:15 pm Center Hill PERFORMANCE
3:35 pm Load equipment trailer, change to bibbers and red Dri-fit shirt
4:00 pm Go to stadium to support other bands (concessions available in stadium)
6:00 pm Scores – All Seniors in uniform
6:45 pm To buses / load
9:00 pm Arrive CHHS

Drink plenty of water!
Wear sunscreen, even if overcast
Bring money for concessions
Uniform pants, black shoes and the Dri-Fit shirt will be worn after our performance