NO Forms = NO Play!


Students who have not fulfilled ALL MHSAA eligibility requirements may NOT participate in extra/co-curricular school activities including band.

  • Parental Consent
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Medical Release
  • Physical Exam

Our Band Medical Release Form, and Band Commitment Form and a signed Physician’s Exam Form is what we need now!!!

PLEASE email ( fax (662.890.2458), or deliver these forms to Mr. Ross immediately!

If Mr. Ross does not have these forms in his possession for your student, he or she may NOT participate until it is so.

These are not Mr. Ross’ rules, the principal’s, the school’s, or the county’s.  They come from the STATE of Mississippi.

If you did not received a text message from Mr. Ross concerning this matter, then your student has submitted all needed forms.