Urgent: Parking Issues

We are having traffic issues at the band hall again and need student and parent assistance. These changes have been requested by Mr. Payne and need to be addressed immediately.

1. Please don’t park on both sides of the road behind the band hall when you are visiting the band hall or picking up students. If you must pick up your student, park on the north side of the circular driveway not on the side that says FIRE LANE and marked in red. What we wish would happen is for parents to pick up students in the student parking lot near the football field or the parking lot on the east side of the school. These are easy to access and easy to get out of. Plus the odds of hitting a band student are greatly reduced.

2. If you are insistent on parking behind the band hall, please enter the first driveway off Kirk road near soccer field. This is the way the buses enter each day. This way cars and buses and trucks can move in a singular motion and since you will be parking where the road is wider you will be able to drive straight out. Again what we wish to happen is pick up students in the student parking lot or the east side parking lot next to the cafeteria. Much easier to get in and out of and less of a chance of hitting a student.

3. On performance nights, we always have an issue with parents parking behind the band hall waiting to pick up their kids. On these nights please park in the student parking lot. In most cases the driveway behind the band hall will be blocked off and we will be pulling in three buses and 1 or 2 equipment trucks and we are very happy to totally block the road behind the band hall and make sure you have to make a U turn. Also with more students in the band program, the band area will be more congested. Again we hope that parents will pick up students in the student parking lot or the east side parking area near the cafeteria.

As I tell my middle school students, “Rules are not designed to make things easy for you. They are designed to make things easier for everybody else.” Following these instructions will make traffic flow much easier and minimize your wait time.

Jim Jolley
Assistant Director of Bands